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The man behind his passion

America's Got Talent

Vegas Finals

(kissing cobra!)

Serengeti Steve performs over 600 shows a year and has appeared on NBC's "America's Got Talent",  making it to the Las Vegas finals,as well as being a member of the famous Guinness Book of World Records.  Along with numerous television appearances, Steve has performed for a variety of celebrities and has worked all types of crowds and venues. 


Serengeti Steve began his career in herpetology over 25 years ago and has been entertaining crowds ever since.  He has raised and maintained over 200 species of reptiles and arachnids from around the globe, including some of the worlds deadliest animals, like cobras and mambas to alligators & komodo dragons.  Originally, Steve's job was extracting snake venom for cancer research laboratories.  He has traveled the world in search of reptiles, amphibians, and reptiles from remote deserts to rain forests.  Although Steve's love of all animals is high on the list, his first love and driving force will always be entertaining the children and adults attending his performances.  Steve's greatest asset is his ability to combine a thrilling yet comical presentation which involves audience participation.  The attendees will be given the opportunity to help hold these unique creatures in a safe environment, but don't worry, Steve's deadly animals will not be brought or used for the crowds interaction, although they can be brought for his separate "Reptile Xtreme" presentations.  

No need to worry...just a water cobra.
Let's see just how long this rattlesnake is?
Media and hundreds more gather for the attempt.
Time passes & passes some more.
Local police & paramedics discuss strategy with Steve's wife if things don't go as planned.

Shattering the Guinness World Record at over 17 minutes!

Getting ready to explore this small river in Guancaste , Costa Rica.
Searching for the Fer De Lance snake in the rainforest, but I have to cross this...and I'm terrified of heights!
Ready to look for "critters" in the Mojave Desert.
He's coming over to our boat, anyone want to go for a swim?

Longest time a person

has held a live venomous

scorpion in their mouth

Yummy.  Tastes like chicken
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